« A senior regional hub, an important institutional support, with a African dimension.. »

After the great success, under the High Patronage of His Majesty, the last edition in 2013, the National Federation of Electrical Engineering of Electricity and Renewable Energy (FENELEC), in close collaboration with Communication agency FORUM7 and his partner REED EXPO FRANCE , will hold the 9th international exhibition of Electricity, Lighting, Electrical engineering and Industrial Automation (elec expo), the 3rd International Exhibition for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (EneR Event) and the 2nd International Exhibition  of Components, Systems and Electronic applications (Tronica expo), will take place from the 7th to the 10th October 2015 at the International Fair of Casablanca.

The three exhibitions,  elec expo, EneR Event & Tronica expo, grouped in the same space, are a unique international platform as its size in terms of sector scanning and excellence in relation to the quality of its intellectual and technical content. The self denial of the organizers allowed to make known the exhibition across the world and see the part of the agendas of the largest operators in the world. The event is undeniably a Moroccan brand recognized internationally and has for years now the stamp of Moroccan authorities first rate..

·        An exceptional showcase of Expertise, potential and African needs.

·        A high exposure, scientific and technical innovations.


The FENELEC in line with the energy policy of the Kingdom.

Morocco, under the Royal impulse implemented in 2009 an energy strategy, targeting in one side strengthening the Security of supply and also the availability of energy. The objective is to ensure diversification of sources,  the establishment of an optimized energy mix and the development of national potential energy resources, including renewables. For this purpose, the promotion of energy efficiency and closer integration at the regional energy system, are priority elements of this new strategy.

As the leading actor, the National Federation of Electricity, Electronics and Renewable Energies (FENELEC) assumes the role of guide in the opening borders with the completion of the electrification program Rural, acceleration concessions, the liberalization of the sector, to strengthen the sector and energy autonomy.


The FENELEC demonstrated a clear willingness to support energy strategic direction of Morocco and the elec expo, EneR Event & Tronica expo is part of this movement. It meets a need visibility on the immense opportunities offered by Morocco and Africa on the wind and solar power, as evidenced by the study of Ernst & Young "Attractiveness Indices for countries Renewable Energy "published in February 2012.

The report underlines the big attractiveness of the sector and Morocco. On a global scale Morocco occupies the 9th place like France for solar and  the 31st  position for wind power. "Morocco is the only Maghreb countries connected to the European network, it has the unique opportunity to spend an importing country to an energy exporting country."

The FENELEC demonstrated a sustained commitment and whose fruits have been, among others, received in the last editions elec expo, EneR Event & Tronica expo.


A platform of excellence supported by the strength and prospects of the sectors of electricity, electronics and renewable energy.


The success of elec expo, EneR Event & Tronica expo depend primarily exponential performance of the sectors they represent. The figures for imports and exports testify to the strength of the sector exchanges. Indeed, the electrotechnical  products Moroccan worldwide have reported the country more than $ 7 billion in foreign  currency these last two years against 4.155 billion (2010/2011).

The three sectors that represents FENELEC through the elec expo, EneR Event & Tronica expo strongly contribute to the revitalization of the Moroccan economy, but also Africa through intensification of South-South trade, business between the Kingdom and Sub-Saharan countries (Senegal, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Gabon, Burkina Faso, etc ...)

A constant institutional support and a growing international interest

 The event enjoys the high royal solicitude, indeed elec expo, EneR Event & Tronica expo is placed under the High Patronage of His Majesty Mohammed VI in 2012 and 2013. It also has important institutional accompaniments, materialized by the aegis of :

· Ministry of Energy, Mines, Water and Environment,

· Ministry of Industry, Trade, Investment and the Digital Economy,

· Ministry of Housing and Urban Policy.


The exhibition  also has the support of ONEE, ADEREE, and others Moroccan offices...

The abnegation of the organizers allowed to make known elec expo, EneR Event & Tronica expo around the world and to contribute to the positioning of the Kingdom as a regional hub must:


  3,312 trade visitors from 42 countries with 138 exhibitors from 9 countries in 2012 ...

  5,242 trade visitors from 35 countries with 140 exhibitors from 10 countries in 2013 ...


We must also recognize the exponential and beneficial evolution of electrical, electronic and renewable energy sectors, which consolidated their place in the Moroccan industry.






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